Marco Seco

In addition to his role as a music conductor, Marco is responsible for the LaFil Milan Philharmonic and Trieste Concert Society’s artistic direction. His work is characterized by his innovative approach to music and his commitment to bringing music to the community. He is a passionate advocate for the power of music to transform lives and create a more vibrant and inclusive world. He is a performer of a vast repertoire, with a predilection for early nineteenth century and early twentieth century music.

To Marco, making music is a total experience which is not limited to stage performances, but manifests itself through a multidisciplinary approach.

Among his recent commitments is a tour across Europe, including concert halls
such as Leipzig’s Gewandhaus
, Hamburg’s Musikhalle, Stuttgart’s Liederhalle, Bremen’s Die Glocke, the Royal Danish Opera Hall in Copenhagen, and Zurig’s Tonhalle Maag. In the United States, he took part in the Festival Spoleto US in Charleston and in Italy he participated to the reopening of of Milan theatre Lirico Giorgio Gaber and in Parma he conducted the Peer Gynt of Ibsen with Grieg music, staged by Daniele Abbado.

At Milan’s Teatro Lirico Giorgio Gaber reopening, he arranged the performance of Felix Mendelssohn’s complete symphonies and most celebrated concerts with soloists as Daniel Lozakovich and Pietro de Maria. At the same time, he planned a series of chamber music concerts at the Museo Bagatti Valsecchi, dedicated to the composer’s sister, Fanny, also a composer.

Marco’s most recent role as LaFil’s artistic director also involved a collaboration with Milan’s Museo delle Culture (MUDEC) and the 24Ore cultural group.

Every night, for a week, all the museum’s activities were turned into musical events, with programmes and workshops inspired by an ongoing exhibition on Surrealism. A constant flow of art and classical music references, with shows, performances both inside the exhibition space and out, open rehearsals, panels and interactive workshops. An immersive, totalizing artistic experience and unique cultural project, reinventing the concept of a city’s musical fruition.

While residing in Trieste, the LaFil Milan Philharmonic created a project dedicated to Beethoven, playing symphonies n°5, 7 and 8 in addition to several Ouvertures and solo concerts with Carmela Remigio, Alexander Lonquich and Alessandro Taverna, with a focus on musical pages inspired by dance. On the same days, musicians played in the palaces, city gardens, and parks, performing chamber music pieces written for similar contexts.

Marco Seco
Marco Seco

Also in Trieste, where he has been artistic director of the Concert Society since November 2021, Marco dedicated himself to spreading musical education, through a set of events hosting the season’s musicians as Giovanni Sollima and Albrecht Mayer.

A series of conversations on the musicians’ interpretive choices and musical vision, in collaboration with the Rai national radio broadcaster, hosted in one of the city’s most beautiful historical cafés, the Caffè degli specchi.

Together with LaFil, which he has been artistic director for since March 2021, Marco developed an ongoing project in Milan’s suburbs. Once a week, the orchestra chooses a different neighbourhood as its artistic residence; inviting citizens to rehearsals, briefly introducing programmes through the musicians’ own words, organizing concerts in libraries, squares, churches or local schools, and mediating educational gatherings where music interacts with the other arts or with sports.

He collaborated with Amplifon on an original project, connecting over 150 Italian nursing homes through special monitors. This way, people with disabilities can also enjoy musical (and other) activities.

Another set of meetings, Il segreto dei suoni (“the secret of sounds”), comprised several chamber groups alternating to tell all about their interpretations and their thoughts/reflections that arose while preparing their performances. These gatherings were rerun for school groups, and subsequently took place in the city’s different museums, changing every night. The final event was arranged in a studio in the Rai national broadcaster’s regional headquarters, with a live audience, aired on national television.


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